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Farming for the Future

Woolworths has recently made public their pioneering of a new method of farming fresh produce. It's called Farming for the Future; its about improving the soil, plant health, preserving water, protecting biodiversity and being kinder to the environment – a greener, more gentle approach to agriculture.

The gist of Farming for the Future is that conventional farming methods are increasingly unsustainable and new methods to improve soil, water quality and encourage biodiversity are the order of the day. Woolworths agricultural experts have spent three years developing the practices for this form of farming with their suppliers.

In a nutshell, Farming for the Future is a marriage of the best of conventional farming with the best of organic farming – in other words, a hybrid. The company's CEO, Simon Susman says that they will continue to pursue the ideal of organic farming but with consistent yields.

Watt – Pringle Consultancy and Training can handle all aspects of your Farming for the Future audit including human resources and hygiene requirements.

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